Witty, thought provoking, inspiring

Alicia Castillo Holley is the perfect match for your next event. Her talks about happiness, passion and prosperity bring a sense of purpose and reflection that reshapes the way individuals see their lives, their work, and their relationships.

From a 1.5 hour keynote speech to a an 8 hour workshop, Falling in Love with Your Life has proven to increase moral, prevent presentism, and improve communications. Our talks are not just motivationals, we encourage participation and self reflection and bring the audience to become actors not spectators of their lives.

Falling in Love with Your Life is structured around the following statements:

1. Life doesn’t happen to us, we happen to life.
2. Challenges are great opportunities to grow and explore.
3. Nobody has to lose for us to win.
4. Success is not the opposite of failure, rather both are opposites of inaction.
5. Happiness is inside trying to get out, not outside trying to get in.

Ideal as keynote speaker, team work facilitator, or for that unusual party!  I love doing this and it shows…


1. Falling in love with your life: from the reals of neuroplasticity and psychology, we explore the mechanisms of joy and pain, and give tools for finding purpose in life. Humorous and profound, we provide tips for immediate use. “Because life doesn’t have to be perfect to be great!”

2. Falling in love with your job: based on the balance of independence and contribution, this theme takes the audience through a series of exercises that increases job satisfaction, proactivity, and accountability. “Because what we do supports our personal growth?”

3. Rewriting our history story: hands-on 4 hrs workshop that prompts positive anchoring from the past towards future. Participants learn about what gives them energy and reformulate their challenges in ways that they can be managed. Ideal for teams, groups, or family: 10-12 people.

4. Dream maps: hands-on 4 hrs workshop to organize ideas by what is relevant and urgent. Using different clues: visual, auditive and kinesthetic, ideas are brainstormed and  organized in a coherent fashion. Participants learn about triggers and blockers to prioritize and accomplish. Dream maps allow individuals and teams to focus on what is relevant and important, leaving time consuming tasks that waste time aside. Ideal for teams, groups, or family: 10-12 people.

5. Energized conversations: hands-on 4 hrs workshop on communication styles, emotional balance, and interactions.  Participants learn to switch roles, understand and applied ‘cool-off’ tools, and streamline resolutions. Based on the experience of successfully bridging highly emotional conversations between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to your organization. Ideal for teams, groups, or family: 10-12 people.


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Falling in Love with Your Life is a Wealthing (R) Group Program.