Sarajevo Roses

Sarajevo, some of the marks of mortars that killed people during the siege have been painted red. they are called Sarajevo Roses.

Prior to my departure, I wanted to see a rose once again… this one in particular is close to the monument to the children who died on the siege. Many of them by snipers (I wonder what is a sniper thinking when pulling a trigger to kill a child), or by bombs.

On the way… right by the plaza with large chess pieces, where people play all day long ( people is an understatement… older men play all the long with watchers telling them what to do or not) …  well, gardeners were pruning rose bushes, few bright red roses were blinking at me: take me, take me.

I asked if I could have one (in English and with gestures), and the gardener came and motioned wait. Carefully and tenderly, he picked the best, cut few and handed them to me. I walked few minutes, passed the children’s memorial and placed them down, and took this picture…

Sadly, I got the idea in Warsaw, where there are fresh flowers here and there where the Ghetto used to be…


could we do more about peace? what do you think?



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