Happiness Day, March 20th

Today is happiness day, well, it is in Australia, and will be in the US in few

English: Emotions associated with happiness

English: Emotions associated with happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

minutes or a couple of hours, depending on where you are.

and to celebrate here are my top 10 things to do to create happiness.

1. Love yourself, YES!  be your best friend, celebrate your accomplishments, and give yourself a hand to work on your challenges.

2. Feel magical. My first glimpse at magic came looking at chloroplasts in plants. So here I was amazed to see the organelles that eat sun and transform it into food for the rest of us to live off. When you think about all that needs to happen for  you to read this and for me to write it… well, there has to be magic.

3. Experience tenderness. When was the last time you smile at that delicate feeling? when did you feel protective and compassionate? give that smile, hold that hand, water than plant, feed that pet.

4. Wave at a kid. Yes, specially if you are driving…  watch for a surprised waved back… and probably a concern parent too!

5. Make a sign.  Happiness day… or better yet, make a poster with precut ends: Free happy thoughts.

6. Call or write to an old friend, remember a good time. Better yet, call or write to your old loved teacher, or that neighbor that was kind of eccentric.

7. Text a person you love:  I love you.

8. Feel grateful. Pray, say thanks. Nothing is more refreshing than feeling blessed. If you don’t follow any God, be grateful to Nature. Honestly, you didn’t do anything to get here. But we are happy you are.

9. Work well. Get some work done with gusto. Flip your wings like a butterfly… not because you care but because you can.

10. Ask and share what makes you happy.  Bring happiness into people’s lives. At work, at home, at school. Start the conversation.

And to celebrate Happiness Day, we are giving away an extra book for each book purchased on Co-creating Happiness,  short stories of happiness from around the world.

PD: thanks for those who joined in…  As Simonetta said on our facebook page:  Happiness day is every day!



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