We had a lot of fun creating the first book on Co-creating happiness in 2012,  a little over 5 yrs later, we think we need more stories of happiness.  If you want to share yours, please join us on Facebook, and, if you need a drop of happiness, enjoy this simple book from around the world…



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Quyen Vu, Dr. Margarita Rojas, Beatrice Lee-Tearle, Adrian Lee, Sara Perry, Daniel Chapellin, Carol Halnon, Sabrina Madenfrost, Ricardo Castillo, Josie Ochoa, Carla Golden, Susan Brighton, Justin Renfro, Maxine Croft, Maureen De Wind, Justin Woodward, Eric Bank, and many anonymous contributors.


Our first batch!

Nothing beats sharing happiness.

Thanks to the 104 writers who shared their words from all around the world.

Let’s CO CREATE HAPPINESS –  buy the book on amazon HERE:

CoCreating Happiness


Update (Dec 4th)

Cocreating happiness goes live on amazon!

(Click on the link above to get to the amazon page)


Update (Nov 29th)

Book Update: Editing finished! all 216 pages plus indexes… in total representing 43 countries! keep co-creating happiness!


Update (Oct 22nd)

thanks for everyone contributing to this book

What next?

We are aiming to do a soft launch on December and a big launch in February. So there is a lot of promotion going on.   the Facebook page is very active. The book will be published in December and will be a GREAT Christmas gift with your name and words on it along with other people who believe in happiness.

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Please let us know if you have any questions!

Here is a brief collection of contributions!


and… do yourself a favor and those around you…

Feed Happiness to the world!


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