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A shower of love and affection

Full rain storm

Full rain storm (Photo credit: blmurch)

There are just too many bad news, and not enough to remind us of the gift of life…

I am doing a 24 hours of showering love and affection… today specially for Meghan and David, and their young son Sam…

Let the rain begin…

and if you feel like sharing.. send them a positive note…

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No Slash – I’m not a sum of the pieces


English: slash

English: slash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read a paragraph, and then another, and then another… and I reread how it all started.  why do we need a definition of who we are, instead of focusing on more rich and descriptive definitions.

I do have issues with compartmentalization (compartmentalisation for those in UK, Australia and between), it goes with the blood.  You see, we can take the pieces of a house, or a car, or a nation, or the moon, and we can define the pieces, and how they are related. We can take it appart and put it all together. It does not work with a living being. You can study pieces of a dog, a bacteria, or a human, but you can’t take the pieces appart and put them back together – without destroying the fundamental essence of that being.

To make it human, we can go into saying that my pieces don’t make me…  there is no slash.  I write, I eat, I love, I think, I invest, I create, I teach, I learn, I live…  and because I live, I change…

and with change the being become blurred…  How boring it is to be… life is more about becoming. This obsession with finding who we ‘are’ is limiting and constraining…   it creates the full awareness of the present but then what? isn’t the present an ephemeral bridge between what we cannot change and what we forecast?

Then I think about the e-prime method, where we cannot use the verb ‘to be’  so instead of saying he is a writer, she is a scientist, we are forced to enrich our descriptions….  he writes novels, she discovers how muscles work, he dances, she calculates, he paints, she dreams, he cleans, she cook.

so next time someone asks me what do I do, I answer there is no slash, I am a complex individual focused on perpetual learning and enjoying life fully… all together  past-present-future…  unconstrained and complex.  If you can’t put me in a box, good…  I jump on boxes…  I’m not a sum of the pieces someone chose to define… there is no slash. I’m whole.

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CoCreating Happiness 50ers plus

You probably read the story.

Suicide almost doubles amongst 50ers…  then I though… could we do something about it?

What is so special about turning 50, can we share our thoughts and tilt the statistics? do you know anyone who is a 50ers plus

Suicides almost double among 50-somethings

Let’s make another book?


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Happiness Day, March 20th

Today is happiness day, well, it is in Australia, and will be in the US in few

English: Emotions associated with happiness

English: Emotions associated with happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

minutes or a couple of hours, depending on where you are.

and to celebrate here are my top 10 things to do to create happiness.

1. Love yourself, YES!  be your best friend, celebrate your accomplishments, and give yourself a hand to work on your challenges.

2. Feel magical. My first glimpse at magic came looking at chloroplasts in plants. So here I was amazed to see the organelles that eat sun and transform it into food for the rest of us to live off. When you think about all that needs to happen for  you to read this and for me to write it… well, there has to be magic.

3. Experience tenderness. When was the last time you smile at that delicate feeling? when did you feel protective and compassionate? give that smile, hold that hand, water than plant, feed that pet.

4. Wave at a kid. Yes, specially if you are driving…  watch for a surprised waved back… and probably a concern parent too!

5. Make a sign.  Happiness day… or better yet, make a poster with precut ends: Free happy thoughts.

6. Call or write to an old friend, remember a good time. Better yet, call or write to your old loved teacher, or that neighbor that was kind of eccentric.

7. Text a person you love:  I love you.

8. Feel grateful. Pray, say thanks. Nothing is more refreshing than feeling blessed. If you don’t follow any God, be grateful to Nature. Honestly, you didn’t do anything to get here. But we are happy you are.

9. Work well. Get some work done with gusto. Flip your wings like a butterfly… not because you care but because you can.

10. Ask and share what makes you happy.  Bring happiness into people’s lives. At work, at home, at school. Start the conversation.

And to celebrate Happiness Day, we are giving away an extra book for each book purchased on Co-creating Happiness,  short stories of happiness from around the world.

PD: thanks for those who joined in…  As Simonetta said on our facebook page:  Happiness day is every day!



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Taking happiness seriously

The Year started with hope, as it always does, and optimism.  We will be writing exciting stories in these new, empty days to come. On the surface another day, another night, deep inside, a new beginning. Why? welcome to the world of positive psychology.

A term coined by Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi as a “science of positive subjective experience, positive individual traits, and positive institutions.”

Seligman had already become famous for his work on learned helplessness or “how do we act when we think our actions don’t matter.”  Lucky for all of us, he considered it as a ‘learned’ behavior, as opposed to an intuitive or innate behavior (full disclosure, I’ve never taken a course on psychology in my life).

Csikszentmihalyi in turn was famous for his work on “the flow,”  a condition when

Happiness mind-map

Happiness mind-map (Photo credit: EEPaul)

we are so immersed in our work that time looses its meaning.

Seligman went on to create the foundations of happiness: PERMA.

  • Positive Emotion (including the common notion of happiness)
  • Engagement or Flow
  • Positive Relationships
  • Meaning and Purpose
  • Accomplishment

by the way, these were the same principles we used to create the first crowd written book on happiness. The authors contributed with written words… but many thinkers around the world wrote to us thanking us for bringing out a sense of awareness that happiness was worthy of thoughts. We still receive messages about it. We are taking happiness seriously…  because we know that any second of happiness has a long lasting impact on each individual and a powerful rippling effect in others – it just doesn’t reach the news because it does not create dramas.

Here is to a remarkable 2013.


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What I like about YOU

As we head for one of the largest celebrations of gift giving, let’s take a minute to remember what gifts are about…  Telling someone else ‘we care for you’

The best gift you can give someone though is the gift of appreciation.  This holiday season, make sure you tell someone what you like about them.  Exercise gratitude and take a break from dramas and complains…

This is our gift to you..  Print and use this card at will and help Co-Create Happiness.  Or you can buy these cards to send away…



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From Santa (giggles)

1914 Santa Claus in japan

1914 Santa Claus in japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Out of all the things children ask for, I think happiness is the most popular. One little asked to me bring her mom happiness. Her mother had lost a job that she loved,and her dad had passed away.

She wanted her mom to know what it was to have happiness in her life andin her heart. This little girl asked me if I could just bring home some inner joy.Happiness is one of the greatest gifts you can give anybody.

Its not easy for many people to have inner joy. They want to know the secret to experiencehappiness in their life. Its especially hard after a hardship. It starts actually with smiling more.Enjoying the blessings that you do have in your life right now.

Be thankful for the people you have met, who have made a big difference in your life. Its important to tell them how much they mean to you. This brings joy to them and a smile for you.

Everyday be content and enjoy the blessings you have. You will experiencehappiness, and fall in love with life. Challenges will come, and so will hardship.During those times its very important to really count your blessings.

I  post pictures of the children opening their presents. The smile and joythey have, is greatest gift to me. Its not the toys that I make that brings mesuch happiness. Its the children and their families whose lives are touchedbecause someone made them feel special.

Think of it this way, you are a joy and blessing to others. This will help youstart having the gift of happiness. always.

Happy Holidays

Santa Claus

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Thanks in Glagolitic

When I told Andrea about the book on cocreating happiness, she gave us a pendant with the word ‘happiness’ in old Croatian – Gagolitic. The language is the oldest recorded Slavic tongue with its own alphabet.

The pendant will be one of the many give-aways on the launch of the book. Thanks Andrea, from

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Sarajevo Roses

Sarajevo, some of the marks of mortars that killed people during the siege have been painted red. they are called Sarajevo Roses.

Prior to my departure, I wanted to see a rose once again… this one in particular is close to the monument to the children who died on the siege. Many of them by snipers (I wonder what is a sniper thinking when pulling a trigger to kill a child), or by bombs.

On the way… right by the plaza with large chess pieces, where people play all day long ( people is an understatement… older men play all the long with watchers telling them what to do or not) …  well, gardeners were pruning rose bushes, few bright red roses were blinking at me: take me, take me.

I asked if I could have one (in English and with gestures), and the gardener came and motioned wait. Carefully and tenderly, he picked the best, cut few and handed them to me. I walked few minutes, passed the children’s memorial and placed them down, and took this picture…

Sadly, I got the idea in Warsaw, where there are fresh flowers here and there where the Ghetto used to be…


could we do more about peace? what do you think?



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Never again – Poland

I walked deeply saddened looking at the dirt road when two pieces of metal shone. When I picked them up, they formed a heart… against the clear Polish sky…

These are the barracks of the concentration and extermination camp

Never again

at Auschwitz- Birkenau… it is immense…

Far away, near the trees, the rests of the gas chambers and crematorium…

Behind my back, the ruins of the barrack where Joseph Mengele carried his experiments…

In all this horror, the reminder that this should never happen again…

never again
11 sept 2012


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