Eleventh Stop – Riga

Salantai Church

Salantai Church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t keep up with the trip… but i had this magical moment today…. We drove to Riga under rain and rain….  Little I knew that this was going to happen!

to give you a preview, this is what happened…


1.March 2011 I found an editor with financial background who starts editing my book
2.July 2012my  book is published – Funding your million dollar idea
3.Aug 2012 I decide to create an indiegogo campaign for my new book on happiness
4.I send note to the editor
5.Editor features it on his blog on crowdfunding
6.Editor decides to contribute to the campaign
7.Editor gets a note that he will receive a postcard from Estonia as part of the contribution
8.Editor writes that his father escaped and was from the Baltics, there is no recollection of the father’s last name but there is a word that sticks out: Salant
9.I arrive in Latvia and post a wrong tweet
10.Another twitter sends me a note correcting the mistake
11.The twitter has a relationship with the Jewish community in Latvia and Lithuania
12.A whole record of Jews from Salantai is shared… http://wn.com/salantai/wiki



Get your perk!  today is the last day in Latvia, and postcards are leaving tomorrow… http://www.indiegogo.com/FallinginLovewithLife?a=125625


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First stop – Silicon Valley

From Perth to Silicon Valley…

There is nothing like the excitement of a beginnings…  even when we know the

Looking west over northern San Jose (downtown ...

Looking west over northern San Jose (downtown is at far left) and other parts of Silicon Valley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

start point is not really that close. A reconnoissance view of the Valley makes it interesting to chose a place to settle… this is VERY EXCITING! and at the same time, somehow boring…  I guess we need both roots and wings.  where to start?  wings to dream, to fly, to be free… Roots to spread, to connect, to share…

for now, it will be until January…

YouTube Preview Image


PD: happy to pass the facebook’s IPO’s dramas.


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La aventura continua

It’s been a while … been busy writing and packaging.  We leave today…

English: Perth Water, with Perth CBD on horizon

English: Perth Water, with Perth CBD on horizon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Almost to the date, 7 yrs in Perth, although spending much time abroad. Four books and with almost a PhD, I take off…  I dream of creating a new type of higher education, one when we introduce values of self-reflection, ethics, entrepreneurship, and love for learning… where we can educate the citizens for the future with a twist.

Ever wonder why so many people end up working in different fields to the ones they study? or worse even, they change careers or never finish higher education?

I want to take education to a higher degree, where we think differently about our lives, and instead of choosing a career based on what others (mainly our other ‘educators’) decided that we were good at, we view life as a way to ‘develop’ instead of ‘exploit’ capabilities.  We leverage on what we are passionate about, not on what we (in our teens) are good about.

… and of course, I’m going to do it right in the heart of Silicon Valley, California

but for now… moving countries is never easy, and instead of plunging into new responsibilities, I’m going to take several months off, learn about happiness and entrepreneurship in Europe (Eastern and Western) and discuss my concept, write a couple of new books – one on co-creating happiness and one on 1001 entrepreneurial stories, and learn more about myself.

This journey starts on July 10th and ends on January 30th, takes me around the world once more and involves touching many people’s lives…

as we say in my birth country – La aventura continua (the adventure continues)

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Co-creating Happiness

Co-creating happiness…

Bring Back My Happiness

Bring Back My Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Co-creando felicidad.
Ever wanted to participate in a book? this is your chance, looking for the first 50 contributors. ONE page, ONE cartoon (we’ll make the cartoon for you). Contributors get a free book!


Has pensado en escribir un libro? Ahora es tu oportunidad. Estamos buscando los primeros 50 contribuyentes, UNA pagina, UN dibujo (hacemos una caricatura de tu cara). Todos los que contribuyan reciben un libro gratis.


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Time to worry???

Worries & Concerns In human life and mental re...

Worries & Concerns In human life and mental relationship in form of a Mind Map. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just read on BBC’s web that we should have a set time every day to worry about out problems.  According to Matthew Johnstone, who wrote “I had a Black Dog

Johnstone says we should RESERVE few minutes in the morning and in the afternoon to “worry’.   If you need any help finding things to worry about, just click on the map to your right.

Well, maybe I’m a super optimist, but from what I learnt about how the brain works, the neural maps get all excited about worries and fire up: ALERT, ALERT, ALERT, and our body gets ready for action when we worry.  If there is no action, black dog shows up 🙂

I really prefer not to think that I have time to worry but to anticipate something I can DO or something I will enjoy…  the anticipation mechanism works best that way!

PD: yes, I know… try telling the hail storm, your kids, your parents, your boss, your clients, your students, your accountant, that your time to worry hasn’t come up yet. Now, THAT is an idea!


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One minute of peace

You know, in these days, it seems that everything is so perfect yet humanized…  we’ve got the perfect pitch, the perfect picture, the perfect body, the perfect life, and all of that has some tint of work on it.

In my hectic life, I try to find few minutes of peace, I walk around and breath in, thinking about what goes well in life – the news keep me informed about what goes wrong. If you’ve been following for a while, you already know my two golden tips for falling in love with your life (not with you:-)):

1. Feel grateful: go to sleep recapping what you are grateful for.

YouTube Preview Image

2. Feel in charge: wake up thinking what you are going to do to make it a fabulous day.

Today as I walked, the wind was blowing hard and I stopped to feel the water waves, I was blessed with a minute of peace and I just wanted to share it with you, and leave it here or on youtube in case you sometimes need to be reminded of a minute of peace… no intros, no fancy music, no photoshop…  just nature.

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The first day

Kindle's cover for Falling in Love with Your Life


The birth day is gone, and today is the new day of a whole new year.  Don’t you love it?

A full day like an empty canvass, waiting to be filled with experiences…  with all sorts of emotions, goals, dreams, achievements, frustrations.

That’s the spirit!  to live each year, each day, each minute as if it was something to be filled, not something to expect or to receive (am I talking to much like a Generation Y’s mom?)

I just checked on Kindle and over 2000 downloads of Falling in Love with your Life, and The Ten Unwealthy Habits later, we are back to ‘normal’.  Stay tune because despite my PhD in finance and my book on Funding, I plan to finalize another book on Happiness, and in this book I hope YOU are one of the special guests.

For now, just enjoying life,

yours in celebration, Alicia

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Bday coming up!

Don’t forget to join us for a day on discounts, freebies and celebrations!

March 29th, 2012…


Turtle Terror

How many times have you looked at something, curiously, given to you by someone you trust and freaked out in terror, whilst holding it?

YouTube Preview Image

This reminds me of Eleanor Roosevelt‘s quote

” you gain strength, courage, and confidence
by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face…
Do the thing you think you cannot do”

Books I love: Fearless Living: Live Without Excuses and Love Without Regret(

see my review too: http://www.amazon.com/Fearless-Living-Without-Excuses-Regret/product-reviews/0399536787/ref=cm_cr_dp_synop?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending#RFY2YNWVXAU49

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Happiness at your door steps

Renowned spiritual guru Deepak Chopra says that Happiness is the goal of
all other goals.

And how true that is!

Apart from making us feel good, do you know people who are happy create more
magic in their lives than people who are not?

If you are happy, you will

– Create more abundance in your life.
– Meet the right people at the right time
– Come across the perfect opportunities
– Start improving your relationships
– Start improving your health
– Have inner peace
– Feel connected to the source
– Be more in control of your emotions
– Have more meaningful co-incidences and synchronicities

Happiness Gym

And wouldn’t it be good if you have access to an entire Toolkit that will help you
increase your happiness levels?

The Happiness Gym
is there for you:

1. A Happiness Actions Manifesto containing 100 Happiness Actions to sky-rocket your Happiness levels.
2. High quality 30 Happiness Audios to give you euphoric Aha! moments!
3. 5 Worksheets for scrubbing your inner self.
4. 2 Special Subliminal albums for accelerating Law of Attraction and Happiness in your life
5. 50 Reflection sheets for sky-rocketing your happiness.
6. 5 unique presentations for building strong relationships.
7. A 30-Day Law of Attraction Challenge.
8. And a special report on attracting abundance.

And much, much more!

You will learn why being happy is so crucial to manifesting the life you desire.

Check it out here
Happiness Gym

Here is to your happiness, Alicia

P.S. You will be amazed how fun life can be!