Are You In Love With Your Life?

Are you tired?
Do you feel without energy? Frustrated? Worried? Useless? Undervalued??

Wake up!

There is no time to wait.

Start being happier today!


“Falling in Love With Your Life Is Waiting Right Here for You!”

If you feel you are missing something inside you and want it back, you are not alone!

Hello, I am Alicia Castillo Holley, an international speaker, author, entrepreneur, and angel investor. But that didn’t count when depression HIT my family… I decided to start a movement to get more people FALLING IN LOVE WITH THEIR LIVES!

The sad truth is that depression, issues with self worth, anger, fear and frustration abound. By 2020, depression will be the second most common health problem in the world. What is worse is that approximately 80% of people experiencing depression are not under any treatment. People don’t talk about it, they don’t understand it or they are trying to avoid the subject. That is a very serious problem, that can lead to traumas and even death.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for ages 10-24. (PBS report)

So let’s make sure we do our part.

Years of research and experience exploring the mechanism of happiness have helped me develop a system that will turn your world around and leave you refreshed and sparkling, like you were indeed originally in your early life.

How did we get to be so unhappy?

Today’s women and men are stressed out, over worked, frustrated, and feel under appreciated.

I hear it all the time. A sense of loss, unfairness, helplessness: We do it all, or try to, and then some. We want someone to fall in love with us, but we don’t really think our life is wonderful. We even wonder if we are loveable. We don’t seem to find a way back to the spontaneous joy of living we had as children.

So after experiencing the life-changing turbulence and deep sadness of the effects of severe depression at home, I couldn’t sit helplessly… I mean we did get help, lots of help, some worked, most didn’t …

at the end, I didn’t want to know how we got here

I wanted to know something MUCH MORE IMPORTANT

How do we get out?

I had to do something. I started researching and testing, wondering, sharing, asking… and then I realized we ALL really needed to work on our happiness!

I was surprised that so many people were looking at the reasons WHY WE GOT IN THERE and not at HOW TO GET OUT OF IT…

YOU are not alone!

The main reason we struggle is not the suffering, it is the FEAR of suffering. That fear is based on our biology for survival: We needed it when we lived in caves, and we had to be very alert to the possibility of danger. It still holds true in some parts of the world.

We think we prefer pleasure over pain, but the impact of anticipated pleasure is not even close to the impact of anticipated pain in our brains. Consciously rewiring our thoughts can help.

That is the BASIS of this WEB, the book, the exercises and the discoveries we will continue to add. We think we avoid suffering and seek pleasure, yet the anticipation of pain blocks our brain.

Falling in love with your life” reminds us about the one power no one can ever take away from us: the power we have to interpret things positively, in ways that don’t hurt us, in ways that can propel us forward into a better life.

Dr. Robert Epstein. Founder and Director Emeritus, Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. Former editor in chief, Psychology Today magazine.

Let me see if I can help you understand what this is all about…

When we were children, we were so happy, we laughed, if we fell down we got up, we couldn’t wait to do things, we were real, we were authentic with ourselves and others.

In other words, we were just ourselves.

We loved life and lived it and felt truly happy!

As a child, both you and I thought life was an adventure, we loved our lives…

But as we grew older, others started controlling the way we acted, felt and believed.

We were told:

Don’t do that…

You should not do that…

Don’t you know better than to do that…?

In time we were not really being ourselves anymore, we were unsure of who we were and what to do. We lost that happy feeling of being accepted for who we are.

and I wanted that “happy in love with life and being accepted for who I am” feeling back…

…not only for myself but for my kids… and then for everybody

…because the world is better when we are in love with our lives

…because when we are in love with our lives, we make better choices and life seems worth living again!

Because when we are in love with our life, we shine, we vibrate, we are our best us

(click here >>) Falling in love with your life

I live my life with so much passion and joy that I knew I needed to do something about it… And there were too many unhappy people I knew I could help.

I didn’t write a book and create an exercise program to make you wishy-washy happy, that is, pretending to be ok and happy all the time.

No, instead this program is for people who want to commit themselves to their happiness: the holistic and complex approach to happiness.

NOT for those who are or want to be actors — instead of spectators — in the world

I wanted to help unique and authentic human beings to be happy and make a difference in the world!

Are You In Love With Your Life?

So, I’ll give you a preview of the Book, but make sure you sign in to get that refreshing tick that we missed whilst we are living life…

This is what you will find in the book:

Chapter 1: Happiness in inside of you, wanting to get out, not to get in.

Chapter 2: Reality is an illusion, it is built in your mind.

Chapter 3: Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be great.

Chapter 4: We choose our assumptions and interpretations.

Chapter 5: Our unmet needs mask our values.

Chapter 6: We can balance what we want, choose and must.

Chapter 7: We create our future with our present, not our past.

Chapter 8: Fall in love with your childhood.

Chapter 9: Problems are pieces of the puzzle we call life.

Chapter 10: Life is more about becoming than being.

Chapter 11: Family is a matter of luck, friends are a matter of choice.

Chapter 12: Keep the magic, we are the miracles.

Each chapter ends with a series of short exercises so you can explore your thoughts and your emotions. You can easily start triggering feelings of joy about your life. We work on reshaping how we perceive our world, change starts with you. Why? Because we don’t need to wait for any external change to realize we can be in love with our lives.


See what the experts have to say…

“A brilliant, easy to use, clear and practical guide. Everything Alicia produces is pure gold.”

Noel Posus, Australian Coach of the year 2009. Author, coach, mentor. Founder Australia.

As a life coach, I love the way you bring out the best for coaches, as Thomas Leonard said, you put the term ‘selfish’ in the right context, as a way of being nurturing and loving to ourselves first. Everybody should read this.

Zuño Kristal. International Life Coach. . Israel

“This is a long due guide to happiness. I highly recommend it.”

Stephanie Philp, International NLP trainer and coach. Founder and CEO of . New Zealand.

What a fascinating program, it takes us on a path of discovery built upon taking concrete steps. It is a refreshing source of ideas for those of us who are constantly improving.

Rob McBride – executive trainer, coach, and author. Venezuela

“Fantastic, there is no need to wait for the perfect life to enjoy it.”

Thea Westra, senior thought leader at Forward Steps, the ‘Reader’s Digest’ of personal development information, fun and resources. Australia.

… Packed full of ideas which encourage both moments of reflection and gratitude, as well as supercharging the reader into taking action towards creating and living a delightful life. Alicia deftly weaves her own story into the pages which is incredibly engaging and makes the book feel real and grounded. She has a gift of allowing the reader to observe themselves without self-judgment. Instead, her writing inspires the reader to make a change for what is possible rather than out of a sense of self-deprecation.

Shann Vander Leek, True Balance Life Coaching, LLC. USA.

You are the master of turning scientific stuff into everyday use. I learned much and fell more in love with my life…

Love, Farideh – Head Girls’ School – Iran

Falling in love with your life takes only a second.

Change only takes a second,

what happens before that is incubation

What happens after is a new world.

It is only the first step that is the hardest.

All you need to do right now, is realize that falling in love with

your life is not a given, it starts with you, and if it hasn’t started yet, there is no better moment than now.

You need to take action today if you want to change the way you feel about living your life. Not only for you but for all of us.

We all need you to be your best you.

Your happiness can start today, but it is up to you!

“Start Today and Fall in Love With Your Life!”

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